Investment Tips






Investing Tips


To maximise the value of your home, make sure you present it as well as possible.
Below we have compiled a list of recommendations as identified by REA
as the main factors you should fix before listing your property for sale.

Speak to Lamonds agents and we will work with you to ensure
your property is perfectly presented to achieve maximum sales value.

- Are there any water stains or corrosion to the walls backing onto the showers or baths?

- Check if the house is clean and all rubbish is gone, make gardens to look good
  On first inspection of coming to your home (presentation is the key to selling)

- Check inside the cabinets in all the wet areas

- Check the ceilings are not sagging

- Check the internal wall plastering for fine cracks

- Check the roof downpipes are running to stormwater soak well drains

- Check the roof gutters are not rusted on their inside edges

- Check the roof lines from the external

- Declutter in the house makes your house look great and more space

- Is there any evidence of mould in the bathrooms or bedrooms?