Why Invest With Lamond?

At Lamond we are passionate about the Wynnum Bayside area. Our expert real estate team have lived within the Wynnum community for over 30 years. We have personal relationships with residents and business owners alike, and it's this deep understanding and passion for the area that sets us apart. When it comes to investing your home, you want the agents that already know the community and those looking to invest in the area. This is the reason we have been so successful over the past 30 years of business, our networks within Wynnum are second to none, and our passion is obvious.

We invest all sorts of homes in the Wynnum area from simple to multi-million dollar homes. Our team are experts in the local area, from knowing the value of each property, to polished sales tactics to maximise the value of your sale, our team are the experts you can rely on. We value integrity, trust and transparency. Our agents have a passion for real estate, so when you choose Lamond, you are choosing agents that really care.

Fee Structure

At Lamond we believe in working hard for our clients. You will always receive great value, and hard work.
To discuss the fee structures involved with investing your house, and to receive a free valuation of your property value, please contact our team.

Property Valuation

Want to know what the value of your property looks like? Our team are experts in the local Wynnum Bayside area. Call us today and we will provide you with a starting price range for properties like yours. If you have time to meet our valuer, we will conduct an on-site inspection of your property and provide an in-depth valuation of what we realistically believe you could achieve at auction.Valuations are free and we pride ourselves on being highly accurate with our predictions. Call our team today!